Business Partner

Business Partner


Costs are part of the margin squeezing. We always try to offer the best effort, including price, for our customers and business partners. Simple offering, but it requires an excellent relationship with supplier/manufacturer as backward integration. As competition on price, the squeeze between manufacturer’s price into distribution channels and end-user’s ultimate buying price continues.

We also realize that pricing is not the only issues on distribution systems, but it has the most potential effect for our local market. The competition is getting tougher everyday, as the market is very attractive to any company to jump in. In the end, the customers have a good bargaining position for price.

For our partners, we would like you know that we really appreciate and thank you for your patronage in the past and we all knew that our significant achievements would be impossible without your support. It will be a pleasure to discuss the possibilities and ideas to bring our partnership into advanced level and understanding, for mutual benefits.

For our international suppliers, by combining your superior products with our distribution network, you will enjoy a piece of cake for Indonesian market share.
And for our distributors, you will have our exclusive support for developing your market area.

All parties should have a benefit for the cooperation, and that’s why we met.