On the first phase of our company business, we have taken and executed an extensive program for build distribution channel. Remapping and dividing the national area are the basic step, and identifying the potential distributor at the area. While process continues, we have settled a good partnership of to cover the market area.

By December 2012, we have 119 listed partners around the national coverage area; some of them are exclusive, while others are non-exclusive basis. We are very carefully selecting our partners for being exclusive partnership, as this program is designed for goodness of all parties, who’s involved on the program. This is for long-term business. Some of them are our distribution backbone, who really enjoys our exclusive support for developing the market area.

We offer and guarantee for exclusive area as our protection and work side by side to develop their business. Our main goal is helping our distributor to be big 5 on their operation area, no matter how much time and resources to spend. The success of distributor is on their own hand, as we only helping them to take the road.

From our perspective, our partners must have an opportunity to make an adequate profit. And it’s our job to operate effectively and efficiently in order to maintain reasonable price and a good support.

Build the better distribution network is never ending process. We always try to assist our partners to have better sales value at every area. We believe that helping the other to make a good business, is the only way to build our business better.

Indonesian market is very big market, nobody can deny it. And we are more than happy if together we can maximize the market opportunity. So, if you are confident to take this opportunity, please call us 021-29050700 or drop us an email to info@dumo-diagnostik.co.id. We are pretty sure that we can do something for your market area.