National Network

National Network


On every industry, if you want to be at the top, you have to have direct/indirect access to your end-user. You have to deliver and place your product in customer’s side, and then there will be sales for you. To do so, you need an effective distribution channel.

And we all know, that covering an archipelago (Indonesian geographic) condition, the most efficient and effective way to do business is having an extensive network, collaborating with the distributor company on each provinces and or major cities. And if everyone support each other, both parties will have a strengthen position on the market.

Realize this, at first phase, DUMO focus to allocate all of resources and effort to build the distribution channel. It took 2-3 years to build national market coverage by collaborating with every top distributor on every province. Nowdays, we have more than 100 listed distributors among national market, with exclusive or non-exclusive basis. And about 30 distributors are our backbone for the distribution channel. We really appreciate and thank for their business and we keep trying to be involved on their business progress. We respect others as well as we respect our self.

Carrying more than one products, it also means that we could be has more than 1 exclusive distributor at the same area because they have different product distribution partnership. Even though we almost cover 90% Indonesian market area, we still always welcome for any party who have the same idea about maximizing the market potential on your area. If you think you can explore your market, let us know. Drop us an email at or call us at +62-21-29050700. We will have a sit and tremendous time.