Reliable product – world class quality.

Our partner (european based company) invested heavily in research and development, and as a result, our clinical chemistry portfolio is constantly expanding to provide you with an increased choice of high quality cost effective reagents, and flexible pack (mostly small) sizes available. It’s all to assure you to find what you are looking for. Our products have been manufactured using the highest quality and produced to international standards, with ISO 13485’s accreditation.

All of our DUMOLAB reagents are liquid-stable and ready-to-use, show excellent stability and outstanding performance.
– Liquid stable up to the expiry date, even after opening
– Ready to use, no reconstitution, directly available
– Excellent stability on shelf
– Reliable performance

  • Salmonella
    – Salmonella Typhi O/H
    – Salmonella Paratyphi AO/BO/CO/AH/BH/CH
  • Blood Grouping
    – Antisera A
    – Antisera B
    – Antisera AB
    – Antisera D/Rhesus