Dumo Diagnostik, headquartered at South Jakarta, Indonesia, is a friendly and hard working Indonesian distribution company that specialized in the laboratory field. It’s promote, sale, distribute and handle after sales service for laboratory need in specific branches of the laboratory. Our product ranges are rapid test, serology, pipettes, clinical chemistry reagents, photometer and clinical automatic analyzer.


Designed from the beginning, the organization has a clear vision and mission, and it grown quickly into national distributor that covering the national area. As a principal and distribution company, we focus on developing the national distribution channel. We’re realizing that the market is too huge for one company to cover it all. It took 2 years, our distribution channel have more than 100 listed partners/ distributors.

Our commitment to delivering the most suitable products, with unwavering emphasis on wellness, makes DUMO like no other Indonesian distributors. All of our products range is a guaranteed for reliability, efficiency, innovation, and easy handling together with the maximum safety for the laboratory’s operator.

The company has always increased sales by focusing on its strengths, its key customers, and the underlying values they need, while also improving the gross margin on sales and cash management.


The founders have built the organization by lying down a foundation to build mutually beneficial partnership with our customers, suppliers, shareholders, and stakeholders. We strive to earn the respect of our partners by being, among many things, professional, trustworthy, transparent and a good corporate citizen.

Our management philosophy is based on integrity, respects and partnership. People, who work at the organization, are enjoyed to work. We have created the environment that encourages creativity and achievement among the team.

Instead of management team, our third parties have invested finance and wisdom, significantly in the company over a period of time. They remain a good business relationship and have been a steady source of excellent and business advice. Without them, we will not at the position at the moment.



Being outstanding principal with national distribution network for laboratory supply with world class quality product


• Trusted ally and solution as a vendor to our partners and customer.

• Professional in organization and business management with build core

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