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Pipette will be required for daily operational tools, not only for health laboratory worker, it also needed by other industry. This product has a wider market than (our) other product.

Dumo Pippete

We provide the product into the market from world class supplier. They have international business for long time. It means, the product quality is top class. We a pretty confidence for the product quality, as our supplier standard is to calibrate one by one product before shipment.

To give more, we also guarantee for every unit we sell by warranty card (1 year) for each unit.

VAFA Class

DUMO VAFA-class is one of our micropipettes, while maintaining the light weight and ergonomic design and ensuring high accuracy and precision.

The advantages:

  • Click stop digital systems for volume setting
  • Ergonomic design, ensuring light weight & soft plunger movement
  • High accuracy & precision guaranteed
  • Two step plunger operation, allows “reverse pipetting techniques”
  • Individual serial number permanently marked on each pipette
  • Calibration as per DIN 12650 & ISO 8655 standard
  • Calibration report enclosed with every pipette
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • CE mark

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