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Rapid Diagnostic Test

Rapid diagnostic test (people known as rapid test) is our main product line. Easy handling, consumable, and minimum technical support really an advantage for us.

Rapid Diagnostic Test

We are an exclusive distributor for NOVA brand (Atlas Link Technology, Beijing) for Indonesian market.

Rapid test is our first step to increase revenue and profitability of our business partners by offering the highest quality, cost effectiveness and area protection. All of them using lateral flow technologies, just as common as available on the local market. As a world class product, our products are CE-mark.

Rapid test is easy, fast, simple, and consumable product. These products are widely use, from home use, small labs, and also for some big hospitals. The product comes into strip, midstream, devices, and panels. Our rapid tests have been divided into 5 product lines Fertility, Infectious Disease, Drugs of Abuse, Urine Reagent Strips, and Monitoring Health.

Product Range:

• Fertility


o LH (Ovulation Test)

o hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Test)

• Infectious Disease

These products use check the possibility of some disease and using blood (serum/plasma/whole blood) as a sample.


  • Hepatitis                                     : HbsAg/HbsAb/HAV/HCV
  • Sexual Transmitted Disease : Gonorrhea/Anti-Syphilis
  • Mosquitoes                                : Dengue IgG-IgM / NS1 / Malaria
  • Others                                         : HIV/Tuberculosis/H.Pylori

• Drugs of Abuse

Drugs of Abuse are lateral flow, one-step, qualitative, and competitive inhibition immunoassays. The cut-off concentration for specific drugs of abuse and its metabolites has been developed at the concentration standard set by NIDA (The national Institute on Drugs Abuse) for the qualitative detection of corresponding drug in human urine.

It’s fast and easy to use. Result read visually without the need for instrumentation.


  • Single Test                              : AMP/BAR//BZO/COC/MDMA/MET/MOP/MTD/OPI/PCP/TCA/THC
  • Multi-drugs                             : DOA-3P/DOA-5P/DOA-6P (could be customized test, up to 10 parameters)

• Urine Reagent Strips

NOVA offer urinalysis reagent strips up to 11 parameters: ascorbic acid, glucose, bilirubin, specific gravity, blood, pH, protein, urobilinogen, nitrite and leukocytes. Certain configurations of strips can be read instrumentally with some mainstream urine analyzers in the market.


  • URS-1P/3P/10P (up to 11 parameters)

Monitoring Health


  • Saliva Alcohol Test

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