Now days, in the rapid lane business, services is the main reason for the success of the product, for any industries. Companies could not sell their product, without offering a services and supporting systems. Smart customers become smarter.

We always try to deliver the world class product to our customer. And this is nothing if we can’t keep the customer satisfied with our services. Sometimes, we can’t identify which is customer preference, product or services. The best thing, we can deliver both of them.

Behind the diverse and dynamic nature of our company is technical support division. These operations maintain and enhance efficiency of the company’s operations, by ensure excellence services to customers.

Selling product will require an after sales program. We guarantee for any defect once using our product at customer side. We will eager to replace the product defect for free if it’s caused by our side. For some cases, problem at analyzer, we will send our technical support and will be fixed at shortest time. Or we will replace with our back up unit.


We offer a various types of the services, from placement contract until installment. We will take a seat and discuss with our customers and try to identify what is the best option for customer. Usually, this is the simplest way for customer to have and upgrade their analyzer without taking too much risk on it.

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  • Placement Or Maintenance Contract

This placement contract is the most suitable for the customers, who want to increase and expand their production capability and capacity. After discussion, we will put an analyzer on their side. We will handle technical support and spare part. Our customers just need to make some profit for their business. This is the simplest ways for customer who will expand their business, and cut down the operational cost.

While maintenance contract is designed for the customers, who want to re-arrange their business. They can focus on customer satisfaction, and then we will back-up their operational support by handling and maintenance of their analyzers.

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  • Installation & Spare part

Once the customer based expanded, we also offer assistance for installation new equipment or assist to find necessary rare spare-part for their existing analyzer (especially for discontinued product). We will do our best to support them, using our backward international integration/partners.

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